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Welcome to The Lice Terminators

Have you spent countless hours doing everything you can to remove lice from your hair?
Have you found yourself painfully trying to remove the hundreds of nits only to find you left one behind, starting the process all over again in 6-7 days?
That's where we come in! We guarantee to remove every single louse and nit for you within 1 hour or less! 
Our clients depend on us for quick, chemical-free, lice and nit removal, and we're happy to help!

Our Services


Lice Driving You Crazy?

Are you tired of those pesky lice driving you crazy?
We itch because of the allergic reaction to the saliva the louse injects when it bites us.
Each louse can lay up to 12 nits (eggs) a day, so things can get crazy pretty fast.  

Let the Lice Terminators help stop the itching and give you back your sanity and time!
Take a break from stressing and rest easy knowing that we’re here to save the day.

Why Choose Us?

At The Lice Terminators, LLC, we are unlike any other company, offering 100% lice and nit removal from any hair type, with an unprecedented, 45-day satisfaction guarantee.

We guarantee to knock it all out in one treatment, taking 1 hour or less!


Serving the Tampa Bay, Florida area, we are a mobile service providing treatment in the privacy and convenience of your home. We adhere to the strictest of confidentiality guidelines.
As a courtesy, we will gladly check other family members in the home to provide you with peace of mind.
This is done at no additional charge

Schedule an appointment with our convenient Online Booking service.

Have Friends/Family In Need of Our Services?

We will pay out $5 for each referral that confirms an appointment.
Please make sure they mention your name or fill in the appropriate part of the CONTACT US form below.

About Us
The Lice Terminators - Tampa Bay Area Lice and Nit Extermination Services